Using Underwire Bra After A Breast Augmentation

Choosing A Bra Post Breast ImplantsAfter a breast augmentation, the bra should support the wound dressings, protect tissues and eliminate unnecessary graft movement. Your regular bra isn’t the right type to use immediately after a breast-related cosmetic surgery. Let us delve deep into an underwire bra’s role post a breast implant cosmetic surgery.

Choosing A Bra Post Breast Implants

The bra type you pick after having those gummy bear implants inserted under your skin depends on many factors: surgery type, your body structure, and the plastic surgeon. Some doctors recommend braless outfits for some days/weeks to facilitate uninterrupted movement of the breast implants. A few others suggest a healing brassiere, also called the medical compression brassiere. It’s an easy-moving unique undergarment.

Underwire Bra Safety After Breast Augmentation

As per doctors, underwire bras aren’t the wise choice, especially for a minimum of six weeks after the gummy bear implants operation. Body-embracing garments are generally recommended.

Why is an underwire bra not the norm post breast surgery?

These bras push the breasts up, thereby disrupting the implant’s native shape and symmetry. A few other drawbacks are:

• Tender incisions may get irritated. The wire – generally made from resin, plastic, or metal – could cut through the underlying muscle.

• An indentation or uneven scarring under the bosom is also possible.

When is Underwire Right?

The breast operation’s complexity and variety determine the ideal time to go underwire. The scars and overall body structure, the current healing phase and the implanted breasts’ overall progress are also vital determinants.

Once the swelling subsides, underwire bras shouldn’t pose any problems. Typically, the healing duration won’t last longer than a year. To check underwire bra safety, put it on for a few hours. If there aren’t any breast irritations, such as blisters, redness, etc., things are normal. Else, wait for some more time.

Alternate Arrangement To Minimize Breast Implant Pain

If you love underwire bras and can’t wait to put them on soon, have the upper portion of your breasts covered by a Velcro strap or bandeau. This would help restrict any upward implant movement. De-wire the bra to avoid inflamed or wounded flesh issues.

If pain related to breast augmentation persists after a year, consult your doctor.

Pros And Cons Of Breast Implants

If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, you may be considering breast augmentation, or in common language, a boob job. Since this is a surgical procedure, it is not a decision to be made lightly. It is important to consider the pros and cons of breast implants before committing yourself to undergoing the procedure. Of course, everyone has different values, and what is a pro for some people may be a con for others, and vice versa. However, below you will find some important points that you will want to consider before ultimately making the decision to augment your breasts.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of having the procedure done is the impact on self-confidence. For many men and women, breast size is an important measure of beauty. Women with small breasts may feel self-conscious, and their confidence in themselves may suffer as a result. Increasing one’s breast size through surgical means may contribute to a correlated increase in confidence, which can improve many aspects of life, from dating to work performance. This may be an especially important consideration for women who have not always had small breasts, such as those who have had breast cancer or another medical condition that led to involuntary loss of breast tissue. Restoring the size of their breasts may help women who have suffered such hardships feel more like themselves and help them get back to their normal lives.

Of course, there are downsides to the procedure The Pros And Cons Of Breast Implantsas well. Although the price has decreased as the surgery has become more and more popular and safer too, it can still represent a significant cost. In most cases, your insurance company is unlikely to assist with the costs, since it is generally classified as an elective surgery, so the patient could be faced with a steep cost.

As previously mentioned, the surgery has gotten safer over the years, but that does not mean it is without risks. Like any surgery, there is always the chance of a multitude of complications, including bad reactions to anesthesia, surgeon mistakes, or accidents that compromise the results of the procedure. Of course, this risk can be mitigated by finding a qualified, experienced, and trustworthy plastic surgeon to perform the surgery.

These are only a few of the many points that must be considered before electing to have surgery. Talk to your doctor and loved ones to ensure that you have thought about all the factors that are relevant for you before proceeding with such an important decision.

More Information On The Pros And Cons Of Breast Implants

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